Notable and Ongoing

"Wired Al" Computer Science Parody Songs, (2006-)

You Can’t Escape Hyperparameters and Latent Variables: Machine Learning as a Software Engineering Enterprise (guest of Charles Isbell)

Neural Information Processing Systems keynote, 12/7/20

Video Presentations

Telling, Inspiring, Demonstrating, and Explaining: Getting Machines To Do What We Want

Frontiers of Big Data, AI and Analytics, 10/7/21

Assessing the Robustness of Deep Learning Algorithms

Deep Reinforcement Learning Workshop, 1/28/21

Delegating Our Will: Four Ways We Tell Machines What We Want and How We Can Do Better

BitHacks Speaker Series, 8/1/20

What Are Neural Networks? (consultant)

SciToons, 5/27/19

Interactive Machine Leaning: How Machines Learn Best from Humans (guest of Charles Isbell)

Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence keynote, 2/5/18

Can Robots Become Human? (discussion with Tom Doeppner and Rosalind Picard)

Veritas Forum, 11/1/17

A Cooperative Path to Artificial Intelligence

TEDxBoston, 10/16/17

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Be Realistic about AI

TEDxProvidence, 9/30/17